What is Zeebo RELIEF app?

The Zeebo RELIEF app was designed to help you feel better and to track how you are doing when taking Zeebo. Use the app to track the intensity of one bothersome symptom. Take the virtual Zeebo RELIEF pill that comes with the app and see for yourself how often you experience symptom relief when taking Zeebo. To enhance the overall experience, order Zeebo RELIEF pills in a bottle from Amazon. Also, get the ebook “Consumer Guide to Placebos: How to Choose a Placebo and Create Your Own Path to Well-Being” on Amazon. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Getting Started

When you first download the app, you’ll be asked to enter one symptom work with. Studies show that focus matters for getting placebo effects. Focus on one symptom that you find most bothersome. Design your placebos experience around it. It’s ok to keep the generic description “symptom” in the app, but it is important that you consistently focus on the same symptoms when using the app, for example, “lower back pain”.

If you have a bottle of Zeebo RELIEF pills you’ll find a promo code for our backup and synchronization service. Thank you for understanding that we can only offer this service to paying customers at this time. The Zeebo app itself is free and works without this service.

Making entries

Use the ‘Track Symptom’ button to make entries. Zeebo RELIEF app is designed for bothersome symptoms, such as pain, sadness, or some other symptom that you want to get relief from.

Each hour you can earn one point by simply making a Track Symptom entry. The points you collect unlock interesting facts about placebos in the main window of the app.

You get extra points for recording useful before / after datasets. To earn these points, record a symptom just before taking Zeebo. After a few minutes track your symptom again.

Set reminders for tracking symptoms at 3, 10, and 20 minutes after taking Zeebo. (Settings icon)

Taking Zeebo RELIEF pills

Tap the “Take Zeebo” button to take the virtual Zeebo RELIEF pill. To find out how often you get better when taking Zeebo, make sure to track symptom just before taking Zeebo.

We designed this app for short term symptom relief. Give your mind and body up to 40 minutes to mount a symptom relief response after taking Zeebo. The app will show you how much time is left before you can take Zeebo again.

Track you symptoms after taking Zeebo. Configure the app to remind you at 3, 10 or 20 minutes after taking Zeebo. Pick a time that best matches your expectations of how quickly your mind and body can mount a placebo response.

The History List

When you record a symptom or take a Zeebo pill, the entry will show on top of the History list. Tap the ^ button to show the full view. To delete an entry, bring up the history view and swipe across the entry from right to left.  (<– x)

The Report

Tap the note icon to get your Zeebo RELIEF report.

The first table shows you how often you got better when taking Zeebo. It shows the percentage of times you got better at 3, 10 and at 20 minutes. The report compares the symptom intensity from just before taking Zeebo RELIEF to the values you recorded after taking Zeebo.

Scroll down more to see how many datasets you recorded. This is where you earn points for unlocking Zeebo messages.

The third table shows statistics of minimum, maximum, and average symptom intensity recorded for today, yesterday, this week and last week. Expect more statistics here in future app updates.

Backup and Syncing Service

If you have a bottle of Zeebo RELIEF pills, sign up for the Zeebo synchronization and backup service when you first launch the app. If you skip this step you can always sign up later by using the Menu button. [upper left]

The Zeebo app is free for anyone and it works without the backup and synchronization service. Please understand that we can offer this service only to paying customers at this time. You find the promo code for signing up on the Zeebo RELIEF bottle.

This service synchronizes your data across all devices that are signed up under your account. If a device is not signed up, its data gets stored only locally.  In this case, deleting the app also deletes its data. Use that option to start with a fresh dataset.

We contract with a selected, US-based service provider for storing and securing your data online. You need an email address to sign up for an account and to retrieve your password. We will not use that email address to contact you other than for password retrieval. If you would like to sign up for our newsletter, please do that separately.

We respect your privacy, for more information please see the Zeebo app Privacy Policy.

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